Sarah Rogers

Owner & CEO - Early Years Educational Services(EYES) and Quest Direct

Sarah is an educationalist with a passion for early years and lifelong learning who believes in giving others the opportunities to learn and to develop their knowledge and skills to deliver high quality learning environments for young children.

Having lived in the UAE for 22 years, Sarah is the founder, owner and CEO of 2 educational training companies based in Dubai. The two companies, Early Years Educational Services (EYES) established in 2008, and Quest Direct, established in 2014, provide training and support for early years and primary school professionals respectively.  Sarah leads a team of dedicated educational trainers and consultants to deliver a range of UK educational qualifications and short continue professional development courses for nursery and primary school teachers and support staff. Both companies work with educational partners across the UAE and deliver training in other GCC countries.

As a small business owner, Sarah networks regularly with other small business owners. She understands the barriers to and demands of running an effective small business in an ever changing business environment. Sarah looks for support for her role and engages with other professionals for mutual benefit and advice. Articulating, sharing and maintaining the vision and the purpose of settling up her businesses, has led Sarah to re-examine her values and consider how these are best shared with all stakeholders.

Sarah has taught in the UK and UAE and had a leadership role in a large primary school in Dubai. Being deputy head of an outstanding school and a member of BSME, Sarah has good professional links with many schools and other educational professionals. Sarah regularly speaks at local educational shows such as IPSEF and GESS.

Sarah is currently undertaking an Educational Doctorate with the University of Reading in the UK. As part of her studies she is looking at the theories and demands of leadership and is particularly interested in the emotional labour of leading an educational setting and how to promote and manage successful change and empower individuals.

Sarah has written for a range of educational and local publications, giving advice to educational professionals and to parents. As a parent herself of a 21 year and a 19-year-old, Sarah understand the trials and tribulations as well as the joys of being a parent. Her son and her daughter were born and educated in the UAE and Sarah has experienced the different schooling levels and how to support her children as they progressed through the schooling system.

Sarah’s proudest achievement is her two children who have successfully settled in good universities in the UK. She is aware of the support a young person needs to make this transition successful and of the subsequent ‘empty nest‘  feeling when the last child goes off to university.

In her spare time, Sarah supports her wellbeing by regularly running and enjoys running in 10km runs with her sister when she has the opportunity. She relates the experience of physically running to running a company with the analogy of ‘just putting one step in front of another’ to keep going when the going gets more difficult and to manage the ever changing business environment and overcome barriers.  Sarah has a very positive approach to life and enjoys the opportunities that living in the UAE has given her.