Adebare Egunjobi

Executive Director and Chairman - EIN Educational Services

Adebare Egunjobi is the Executive Director of EIN Educational Services, Nigeria and the Chairman of Initiatives for Educational Development and Literacy,  the organisations he has led to train over 17,000 classroom teachers and 10,000 school administrators in Nigeria and beyond.

Commonly referred to as Advocate of Global Education in Africa, Adebare's passion is to see African schools successfully and seamlessly migrate to global schools status so that African students and graduates can favourably compete with their counterparts across the globe.

He is the Project Director of International Training and Exposure Conference for School Administrators in Africa (ITECSAA DUBAI), a capacity building and understudying tour for African school administrators which holds in Dubai, UAE and other leading nations of the world every year.

His latest campaign on Step by Step Approach to Becoming Global Schools in the 21st Century is aimed at equipping African school administrators towards imbibing the global best practices in global educational practice.