Faisal Ali Al Balushi

Chairman, Omani Society for Educational Technology

Faisal Al Balushi is a Chairman of the Omani Society for Educational Technology. His vision is to inspire educational leaders, policymakers, organizations, and individuals to efficiently use, utilize and integrate technology to improve the quality of education and so improve quality of life for all. As an EdTech advocate, Faisal studies the effect of new emerging technologies and their applications in learning environments. With 17 years of expertise in education technology, he has worked with Ministries, private organizations, community leaders and international partners to facilitate the digital transformation in teaching and learning, encourage innovation in classroom and promote equity and equality in education. Faisal leads a cross-functional team to support the educational community in Oman including educational institutions, teachers, students, and parents. He works with his team to introduce and manage national wide projects and initiatives to attain Oman’s 2040 vision and UN’s sustainable development Goal 4 (Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all).