Naima Ismail

Senior Chief of Government Schools, Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Bahrain

Naima is a key strategist in Education Reform and school improvement National Initiatives.  She is now currently holding the post of Senior Chief of Public Schools in MOE in Kingdom of Bahrain. Naima has been working in improvement projects since 2000. Her work coveres uplifting  and forwardig shift in all aspects of governmental educational schooling systems, policies and programs. She acts as Co-chairperson for  external evaluation measures of quality performance of public schools and provides impactful  consultancy support.

Her scope of work  varies from policy making, schools re-engineering, planning  to creating and implementing quality  standards, to reach better support system for public school leaders in building the highest quality educational provision for learners. Her experience involves working with top level leadership in the ministry in planning for restructuring and transforming systems and tools, training chiefs, and leading daily and weekly progress meeting to achieve targets and assuring impact with reshaping and reinventing. She has the right blend of  management and leadership focuses with strong analytical  aptitude and skills.

She designs correlated portfolios for Teaching and Learning to align updates and improved measures of Quality into day to day school observation systems. Her work also  involves continuous interaction with many international experts and mentors. She represents the ministry in joint committees for intervention in low performing schools and handles projects based on scorecards and data oriented master plans. She handles observations from all school leaders to find solutions for  learners progress and holistic measures for quality of their lives.

She is a panellist in many award giving international events for which she relies on her unique experience and professional high levels of reform options. She was awarded 5 National medals for excellence in education by King of Bahrain, and was recognized as 1st Bahraini Woman to receive Middle East North Africa / MENA   Leaders Excellence Award for Education improvement and women in leadership in Dubai.